POLL: March Border Apprehensions Up 200 Percent Over 2017

The left continues to bemoan President Trump’s border wall and National Guard deployment, but year-over-year illegal border crossings were up 200-percent in March.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents last month arrested more than 37,000 illegal aliens along the southwest border -- 11,000 more than February.   The increase is due in large part to a spike in family units.

“The traffickers and smugglers know that if you arrive with a family under our current legal and court system you have a much better chance of being released into the United States,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said last week.

“We have seen smugglers advertise this as an enticement and we have seen traffickers unfortunately fradulently use children to gain entry into our country.”

Roughly half of those coming across the U.S.-Mexico border are coming from Central America.

“The traffickers and smugglers know that these individuals cannot under U.S. law be easily removed in an expeditious way back to their country of origin, so they exploit the loophole,” said Nielson.

Nielsen says those loopholes bring in more people which bog down resources on the border.

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