How to stop online advertisers from tracking you

There's no one silver bullet fix-all, but you can be proactive and make it harder for advertisers to track and target you.

First, you can adjust ad settings on your browser, FaceBook and Amazon.

“Spend a few minutes to go in and turn on all those security features,” said Cybersecurity expert Eric Cole.

He said anytime you see free on the Internet, read it as no privacy. The fine print says they can use your information. If you're done with something, be sure to unsubscribe from it.

Facebook also now offers a privacy checkup.

A new option is to sign up with a network advertising initiative to opt out of internet-based Do Not Call for your electronic devices.

Cybersecurity expert Peter Thomas said when browsing, always select the privacy option.

“I would recommend going in privacy mode and that definitely helps reduce the risk of being tracked,” said Thomas.

Jeremy Tillman with Ghostery, a proxy tool that blocks third party tracking technology, said a lot of tracking happens through your smartphone.

“Make sure that you clean up the apps that are on your phone. Do a scrub of all your mobile apps. Both Android and IOS have something called an advertising ID,” said Tillman. “You can also use some VPNs, virtual privacy networks or virtual proxy networks that can help conceal the ISP that you’re connecting from.”

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