Caregivers reminded to have self-compassion

It's a given that caregivers are often stressed.

They have a lot of pressure because they’re dealing with the various people who are handling their loved ones, as well as having to communicate with multiple healthcare providers.

Health scientist, Dr. Deb Kern  said self-care is important because it makes it worse when you beat yourself up.

“Take that deep breath. Pat yourself on the heart and say to yourself, ‘no wonder. No wonder you’re so anxious. No wonder you’re so irritable. No wonder you don’t feel like getting out of bed.’ Take a deep breath. And, then when you do some self-care, you’ll bring yourself back into balance,” said Kern.

She said there are three main categories of stress: anxious, angry or depressed.

1. Anxious( panicked)-mind spins, can't focus, can't sleep at night. Physically that looks like: constipation

2. Angry (pissed)-get irritated easily, fly off the handle, overreact, snap. Physically that looks like: acid indigestion, inflammation of the joints, skin breaking out

3.Depressed (paralyzed)-down, lethargic, losing interest, losing passion.  Physically that looks like: you are run down, feel tired, gain weight


“All of us are juggling many things, and especially caregivers—you need to have  a time in the morning and a time in the evening when you connect with the part of you that is never changing, the part of your that calm,” said Kern.

She says first slow down your breath. 

Also get rid of energy leaks (like mindlessly checking things online, or even people who steal their energy).

And, you can't give what you don't have. Yet, caregivers do without replenishing and taking care of themselves and they end up getting sick.

Kern said across the board the majority of caregivers are women who are high functioning, high performing, highly capable, empathetic, multi-tasking, truly caring and make it look easy to others--so the public might not realize they are actually struggling.

Dr. Deb offers a free book for caregivers. 


Come and hear from experts who understand the complicated world of caregiving at the 

Caring for the Caregiver Event & Expo

Presented by Kelsey-Seybold Clinic –Supportive Medicine

10 am – 3 pm 

Saturday, April 14

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Respite Care is available onsite, if you need to bring your loved one with you.


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