Alamo City's Final Four Panned

"The Wall Street Journal" says the Final Four may never return to San Antonio.  

Even though coaches, athletes, the media and fans loved the city, the weather, the people and the food, the "Journal" says the problem facing another successful bid is the Alamodome.  The 25-year-old arena underwent a 60-million-dollar makeover since the last time the Final Four came to town ten years ago. 

But "The Wall Street Journal" says the Alamodome still lags behind stadiums in other cities in the running such as Minneapolis and Atlanta.  

This year's Final Four featured two top-ranked teams in their respective brackets (Villanova, Kansas), a three-seed (Michigan), and a "Cinderella Story" thanks to 11th-ranked Loyola Chicago.  Villanova beat Michigan 79-62 in the final to win their second national championship in three years.

Despite the criticism, San Antonio boosters plan to make their pitch in July anyway.

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