POLL: Trump approval numbers ticking up

The President’s approval ratings have been trending up lately. One poll had it at 50% earlier this week. So why are we seeing this when all the mainstream media does is attack this President?

There are a few reasons. He's following through on what he promised during the campaign, and that includes using the National Guard to help secure the border. And RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says the mainstream media is also helping his popularity with their constant attacks.

“The American people understand who the media is and what they represent. They also understand who this President is and what he represents,” Armstrong explained.

Armstrong says the numbers for Trump might not be trending the way they are if the mainstream media talked about policy issues as opposed to Russia and Stormy Daniels.

“They might make a little headway if they attempted to criticize him on policy issues. But it’s impossible. They are not going to be able to do it,” Armstrong stated.

The Trump approval numbers, especially that 50% number we saw this week, were better than President Obama's at the same stage of his Presidency.

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