Dems Push to Confiscate Guns Nationwide

Michigan Democrat Debbie Dingell is among those now pushing a federal law allowing firearm confiscation orders.

“It's called 'red flag laws' and in Indiana, Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Mitch Daniels have supported it in the state of Indiana, it's been used 800 times,” the congresswoman told Fox News Live this week.

What are commonly referred to as "Extreme Risk Protection Orders" are already in place in California, Oregon and other states.

“A family who knows that someone in their family could be a danger to themselves to others needs to have a tool that they can take that gun away, and law enforcement needs that as well,” Dingell added.

In California, an order to take guns can be issued without the gun owner even knowing.  In Indiana, those who have their guns seized must “make a case” before a judge to get them back.

“The person designated to confiscate firearms has probably the most dangerous job in the entire country,” says Dudley Brown, president of the National Association for Gun Rights.

“If what Justice John Paul Stevens suggested that we repeal the Second Amendment and confiscate firearms, he will create a civil war, that is what it will create in this country.”

If anything, Brown says it should motivate gun owners to vote in November's mid-term elections.

“Some gun owners actually tout the Brady Act, asking the government's permission before purchasing a firearm,” says Brown.  “It has certainly desensitized people toward gun control because they start just accepting portions of it, and we don't accept any of that.”

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