Christian Privilege Seminar Held on College Campus

First it was "white privilege." Now George Washington University is hosting a training session for students and faculty Thursday focusing on how Christians receive "unmerited perks" and live "easier" lives.

Auburn student Michael Jones says he's not surprised given what's allowed to go on at colleges across the U.S. 

“It was always going to come down to this, the white privilege part has always been a thing and stuff like this happens every day on college campuses.”

Jones wrote a piece on the "Christian Privilege" seminar for The College Fix.  However, he feels just the opposite is true.

“A lot of places up North, and some down South, you're seen as a bigot or a homophobe or sexist for believing in traditional gender values right off the bat, so I wouldn't say there's an inherent privilege at all.”

Other seminars offered by George Washington include: heterosexual privilege, cisgender privilege and abled-body privilege.

“This has gone from American privilege to Christian privilege, but they're expressly saying white Christian privilege, white male Christian privilege, anything ultimately that is not part of their current politically correct narrative,” says Dave Welch at the Houston Area Pastor Council.

The seminars are put on by the school's Multicultural Student Services Center which claims it helps equip students and staff with "the necessary skills to promote diversity and inclusion."

“These kind of things just feed and foster divisiveness in our culture,” says Welch.  “Ultimately you'll find some reason to blame the challenges that you face as an individual on somebody else.”

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