Google collecting more data on you than you realize

If you thought Facebook was gathering information on you, well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Because Google is taking data collection ‘next level.’

It took one researcher in Ireland, Dylan Curran, to figure it out, and what he found out scared him.

“They were storing search history as far back as 2008. They had my location mapped back as far as 2014, pretty much showing every location I’ve been,” Curran explained.

Talk about Big Brother watching your every move. Cybersecurity attorney Shawn Tuma told KTRH you have to understand what the Google business model is.

“When a company is offering a service to you for free, your information is the product,” Tuma explained. “They’re doing it to take your information and support their business model.”

And he says this just shows you that you need to protect your information, and that you need to understand how that information is being used online.

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