Wall Street Wobbles, But Expert Says Sit Tight

Wall Street's ongoing wild ride is of historic proportions lately -- but right now, not the good kind.

In short: it’s a rough start for the markets this month.

This is the start of a new quarter, and in a few short days, it's the worst April since the runup to the 1929 crash that triggered the Great Depression, according Bloomberg News.

KTRH Money Man Pat Shinn says buckle up -- but don't panic.

Shinn explains that's a correction, however – “and corrections are healthy,” says.

No bear market is imminent.

As for what it means for the average person nursing a 401(k) for retirement funds, Shinn says people should simply sit tight – and do “not a darned thing.”

For the more adventurous who what to buy during a dip, “here’s your opportunity,” Shinn says.

The latest drops are partly due to jitters over Chinese trade tariffs and President Trump’s taunting of Amazon Inc.

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