Texas is Top Ten in an Analysis of how States will do under Tax Reform

WalletHub has taken a look at how the President's tax reform law will affect the states. Texas families will do pretty well.

WalletHub's Jill Gonzalez says Texas' low income families will get the most benefit.

"We looked at low income, middle income and high income families; all do pretty well from this tax reform."

But Gonzalez says you won't see it this year, it'll be on next year's returns.

"Next year each level of those income brackets should actually see substantially more money, in terms of a refund or less taxes to begin with."

Texas did well; the best state might surprise you.

"Texas here ranked eighth overall; it did particularly well when it comes to low income families -- in the top five -- middle income and high income still in the top 15. Number one overall was Alaska."

WalletHub says West Virginia families will see the least benefit.

This year's tax deadline day is April 17th, rather than the traditional 15th.

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