Deleting Facebook

Elon Musk deleted the Facebook pages for his companies, Tesla and SpaceX. Facebook, he tweeted, "gives me the willies." Playboy said Wednesday it would deactivate its Facebook accounts over concerns about the social network's mishandling of user data

Facebook is losing the privacy trust of its members, and some are threatening to delete their accounts. It's a complicated process and some say it may not be worth it! Social Media expert Brenda Trott says deleting may cause even more problems.

You could be in more danger if you delete your account because you don’t have any activity to monitor.  The data’s going to be there and someone without YOUR best interest at heart could swoop in and actually imitate you if you’re not actively monitoring.

By “actively monitoring,” Trott says it’s a simple as creating a Google Alert Account with your name and your business name.  You can see if something comes to you that you didn’t create. 

Trott also advises you to be especially careful of what information you pass on in emails, over the phone or with any social media. And when on Facebook – stop taking those quizzes!!!


For instructions on deleting your Facebook Account, Click Here.

Ways to protect your personal information on Facebook, Click Here.

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