Is it Time to Legalize? Debate Set on Campus

A panel of experts will gather at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business on Wednesday to discuss the implications of drug reform -- in particular marijuana legalization -- on the economy, society and culture in the United States.

Hosted by the Rice MBA chapter of the Adam Smith Society, the event is free and open to the public pp but registration is required.

“The Economic, Social and Cultural Impact of Legalizing Marijuana” will take place 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 4 at Rice University's McNair Hall, inside Shell Auditorium, 6100 Main St. 

Parking is available in the Central Campus Garage. 

Panelists will be Betty Aldworth, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy; Rodney Holcombe, staff attorney for Drug Policy Alliance; Marques Moore, chief operating officer of MMJ America; Ryan Vandrey, associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; and Christopher Mulgrew, CEO of Marijuana Marketing Gurus.

Katharine Neill Harris, the Alfred C. Glassell III Fellow in Drug Policy at Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, will serve as moderator.

The public must RSVP at

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