Facebook: a feeding ground for infidelity

Your privacy might be at risk with Facebook. Your relationship also might end up on the rocks as some say Facebook facilitates adultery and infidelity.

Some divorce lawyers claim Facebook is "the single greatest breeding ground ever for infidelity." Cordell & Cordell CEO Scout Trout said social media plays a role in almost a third of the cases every day.

“Nearly 80 percent of our cases have something to do with social media. We call it virtual infidelity or virtual adultery…the temptation, the ease of access,” said Trout.

He said social media has made it so easy.

“Studies show if a partner is on Facebook more than once an hour, they’re likely to stumble across a previous partner and then rekindle that relationship,” said Trout.

Don't forget any of your, or your friend's, post might be used against you in a court of law when it comes to assets, alimony, child support and child custody.

Trout gives an anecdote that he had a client make a comment on social media about his day in court and how the judge was unfair, and how stupid the judge looked. Unfortunately, the judge was also on social media. The next day in court, the judge called them into chambers about the post.

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