Dems Propose Ammunition Background Check

Fresh off last weekend's gun control rallies, Democrats in Congress are now introducing federal legislation to require instant background checks for the sale of gun ammunition.

Flanked by students who survived the Parkland shooting, Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz this week said the Ammunition Background Check Act of 2018 is designed to keep criminals from illegally buying ammo.

“Unlike firearms purchases, someone who wants to go into a store that sells ammunition can buy as much ammunition as they want without so much as being asked their first name,” she said.

“This is such a gaping and grave and dangerous loophole that I could not wrap my mind about it when I was told that was the case.”

David Amad at Open Carry Texas says nothing the gun haters have suggested so far will make us safe.

“The proof is every damn thing they suggest will not make you safe,” he says.  “What they're really trying to do is slowly but surely kill the Second Amendment.”

“Did you see the school in Pennsylvania that's going to pass out rocks so the kids can throw rocks at the next school shooter?” asks Amad.  “No, no, let's don't bring in a police officer.  Let's don't bring in an armed guard.  Let's don't arm the teachers.  Let's pass out rocks.”

Six states include a background check as part of their efforts to regulate firearms and ammunition, with two - California and New York - requiring a background check to purchase ammunition. 

The National Rifle Association is already challenging it.

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