Defending Champ Astros Open Season Today

Play ball!

The Houston Astros open a new baseball season this afternoon.

After languishing for years as stripped-down cellar-dwellers, the 'Stros are now the team to beat -- thanks to a World Series win for the ages.

The Astros open on the road today, visiting the Texas Rangers in Arlington.

Team official Dena Propis is also looking forward to next Monday's home opener, hosting the Baltimore Orioles at Minute Maid Park. Propis sauys that everybody with a game ticket can get in to a street fest that will take place for several hours beforehand.

Propis says the offseason celebration has never really ended, with fans all over Houston showing support and wearing orange.

With new faces like starting pitcher Gerrit Cole and reliever Joe Smith, the Astros aim to repeat the magic.

Today is the earliest opening day on record. Every teams plays today, too, in another break from tradition.

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