POLL: Citizenship Question May Complicate U.S. Census

Texas faces at least two challenges when the next U.S. census is taken two years from now.

First, it's been traditionally hard to find and count low-income residents in Houston and other major cities.

Now, the Trump administration is adding a new question -- to find out everyone's citizenship status.

Officials and advocates are saying it'll be even harder to get a complete count, reports Alexa Ura of the Texas Tribune.

The 2020 census matters for Texans -- for two key reasons: money and representation.

The census determines how billions of dollars on federal money is spent – and it allocates the number of seats each state gets in Congress.

Texas is projected to gain three seats in Congress because of its growth -- but it will add that new Capitol Hill clout only if all of its people are counted.

Ura says officials and advocates have concerns about getting a full count.

She tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that local officials, demographers and advocates say it will be particularly tough to count because the addition of the citizenship question.

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