Americans Politically Divided, Still In It Together

Survey after political survey points out the differences between Republicans and Democrats.  But those researchers ignore the fact we all live together in one America.

The latest survey by the Pew Research Center points out Republicans are mainly older white men from the backwoods who are not progressing with the rest of society. 

Don't forget Trump voters are mainly “uneducated.”

“These are the goups who are making over $75k, may not have a college education, but they are blue-collar workers who have worked hard and are continuing to work hard and they have really found a place in the Republican Party, which can really be seen in the 2016 presidential election,” says Conor Maguire, senior client strategist at WPAi, a political data intelligence firm.

It wasn't long ago when those same blue-collar workers only voted Democrat.

“It's pretty clear the working-class voters are concerned about the Democrats' mishandling of the economy, and they're moving strongly toward the Republican Party,” says Matt Langston, vice-president of Austin-based Axiom Strategies.

Langston says unfortunately, the parties' message has been somewhat taken out of their hands.

“Both parties are tired of race-baiting and trying to drive agendas based on race, it's more of an economic message that has taken hold and in the Republican Party where we see such a strong working-class force,” he says.

Maguire agrees, saying there has been a definite shift, especially when it came to individual savings from the GOP tax plan.

“A thousand dollars is a lot of money to people and I think calling it 'crumbs' and belittling that is not effective for people who know how much work it takes to bring in that money,” he says.

While Pew defines Democrats as younger and college educated, it's likely many can thank their older, blue-collar dad for paying for that degree.

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