Media holds separate standards for Obama, Trump

If you have seen the coverage of the Facebook data mining controversy this week, you might be thinking there is one standard for this President and another for the man he replaced.

When the Trump campaign was found to use data mining, it seemed as if the mainstream media lost its mind. But President Obama did the same thing, and bragged about it, in 2012. The outcry simply wasn’t there back then. Michael Johns, who co-founded the US Tea Party movement, told KTRH why that is.

“Because the agenda of the mainstream media is to undermine the legitimacy of President Trump,” Johns stated.

And the thing is, it does seem like when the mainstream media sells that message there are many people who buy into it.

“In some respects it is gullibility. In other respects it is individuals knowingly advancing a highly partisan political agenda,” Johns explained.

And Johns says the media has even strategized how to advance an agenda and maintain pressure on the Trump administration, even, as it is in this case, if he did the same thing Obama did.

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