All women, but not all the time

Just because someone attends an all-women school, doesn’t make them a woman. Some of the Progressive Left routinely change the definition of “women”.

Even though the Mount Holyoke College website site said it is still an institution for women, now, biologically born males who identify as either a woman or by alternative pronouns are welcome to apply for admission at the Massachusetts school.

In an effort to support trans and binary students, the instructors are encouraged to call them students, not women.

Texas Eagle Forum’s Cathie Adams said this is contradicting of their own rhetoric

“Someone who wants to call themselves a transgender, if a man is thinking that particular day he’s a woman, then why would he not want to be called a woman,” said Adams.

She said it’s confusing to that student who’s looking for a compassionate adult.

“I think to even voice these words, ‘new theories on gender’, is saying this is experimental, this is not something that is a known fact,” said Adams.

She said the school’s instructors are not trying to help students.

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