Shoppers want tech, not a human touch

It’s another sign of the times; we know technology is a growing part of our lives. But when it comes to shopping, humans want less human interaction and more tech.

A new survey conducted by HRC Retail Advisory says 85% of you want to check prices at scanners as opposed to having to ask an actual human to help you. Smart Shopping expert Trae Bodge with told KTRH retailers are going to have to re-think things.

“It’s going to be a fine balance for retailers to find that point for when they need customer service reps and when customers want to be left alone. They will have to study their customers to see what they want,” Bodge explained.

That said, when it comes to buying electronics, the poll showed you still want someone to actually work with you. Bodge explains why.

“There are so many options. Things change so rapidly. For instance, every season there’s new technology when it comes to television” Bodge said.

But, electronics are the exception, with 76% saying they'd like an in-store app to help with 'personal recommendations.'

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