Axe Throwing Gains Local, National Popularity

Flying blades and beer!

A new trend in Houston, and nationwide, is axe throwing.

It’s people channeling their inner lumberjack by throwing an authentic, wooden-handle axe at a pub-style indoor range.

So if pub darts and beer-pong get boring, there's a new way to raise a mug and show off a skill.

Axe throwing is an overhand toss of a trusty tool, for sport and bragging rights -- with points awarded for closest to the bullseye.

You aim at the wooden target, make a throw that ideally creates a single revolution as it hurtles through the air, and try to bury the hatchet. (Literally.)

It's a growing trend nationally, even worldwide -- and in Texas, it started right here.

Houston Axe Throwing on Larkwood is the state's original indoor urban axe-throwing range and club.

Sarah Sed co-owns the place, and tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that all ages and all types show up to throw an axe. She says casual and competitive axe throwers alike are enjoying the trend.

Her BYOB club scores matches similar to darts.

The owner says the clientele spans all ages and interests, and groups range from bachelorette parties to birthdays. It's also an emerging choice for a date night, she says.

First-time lumberjacks – and lumberjills -- can get a tutorial. Sed says you find a staffer, and, as she puts it, "ask the axepert."

The activity has grown so much, there’s even a World Axe Throwing League.

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