Study: Texas Ranks 22nd for Dependency on Guns

When it comes to the economic impact of guns, Texas ranks in the middle for dependency on the firearm industry.

According to WalletHub, Texas ranks 22nd overall for its jobs in the gun industry, political contributions and gun ownership. 

Idaho, Montana, Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming topped the list.

“It's a misleading figure to say those are the five states where people are interested in guns, carry guns or have guns, Texas by far has more guns than all of those states put together,” says Mike Clark at Collectors Firearms in Houston.

“I think it's easy to figure out that these are low population states and they're doing it on a per 1,000 population.”

Texas ranked low for firearm jobs, output, even background checks.

“Bear in mind you don't have to do a NICS check if you already have a conceal handgun license, because in order to get that license you've been checked out by the state quite thoroughly,” says Clark.

Rhode Island, New Jersey and Maryland were least dependent on firearms.

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