POLL: No Use Crying over Spoiled Milk

You have probably thrown your fair share of food in the trash after noticing it expired in the refrigerator. But those expiration dates may not be hard-and-fast rules for food safety.

Montgomery County Extension agent Amy Ressler says your taste buds should overrule your calendar when it comes to that carton of milk:

"Go ahead and drink it... If it doesn't taste bad or smell bad and the expiration date has just passed, you're going to be fine... Just because its not as high quality doesn't mean that it becomes unsafe after that expiration date."

She says the "best if used by" labels are there to encourage you to eat products quickly and then buy new.

Baby food expiration dates are required by law.

"That expiration date is imperative because of the brain development of babies... (Their) brains are growing so fast they need every bit of nutrients."

Live dangerously and open an out-of-date can of beans. If it tastes ok --- it is!

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