More people believe Deep State exists

You’ve heard KTRH’s Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity talk about the ‘Deep State’ before. More people believe it exists than the mainstream media will tell you.

The new numbers from a Monmouth University poll show 74% of you believe the Deep State exists, and 60% of you are worried about its manipulation of public policy. Dan Gainor with the Media research center explains exactly what the Deep State is.

“The government itself that tends to function independent of the people in charge of it,” Gainor stated.

KTRH's Mark Levin told Fox News it works by controlling the narrative.

“What we have here is unmasking, spying, leaking, lying and covering up links,” Levin explained.

And the mainstream media doesn't want to acknowledge it exists. Gainor explains why that is.

“They don’t want to acknowledge it exists because it’s to their benefit,” Gainor stated.

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