Vernal Equinox at 11:15 am

Today is the official start to spring…and birds have been singing and trees have been blooming already for weeks.

If you’re a fan of cooler temps, enjoy yesterday's cold front, because it might be the last significant one we have until the fall.

Space City Weather's Eric Berger said Houston has had a dryer than normal start to the year, and now through June expect warm and dry conditions.

“We’re still under the influence of La Nina, and characteristically that’s going to bring us warmer weather, so we hope that the dryer than normal forecast doesn’t come to fruition,” said Berger. “There is some concern heading into summer as temperatures warm up, if we don’t see normal weather that we could potentially see drought conditions developing later this year, perhaps in May or June, depending on how much rain we get this spring.”

This date is when day and night last each last about 12 hours. An equinox is the only time when the sun truly rises due east and sets due west.

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