Not a ‘Blue Wave’ but Democrat turnout could have some concerned

It wasn’t the ‘Blue Wave’ some in the mainstream media would have you believe, especially since state Republicans outvoted state Democrats in the Texas primary a couple of weeks ago. But, some of the numbers might be enough to cause Republicans some concern.

In the three biggest counties in the state, including Harris County, Democratic primary voters outnumbered Republicans earlier this month. That is a reversal from what we saw in 2014. Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey told KTRH it's not exactly a shock.

“Democrats have been whipping up their base into a fury ever since their anointed one didn’t win the Presidency,” Dickey stated.

But he also says the party does not have their heads in the sand, and will react accordingly before the November election.

“We in the party have had fulltime staff in those areas for months now, and have been working on very successful voter identification and voter engagement efforts,” Dickey explained.

Saying you should not expect Texas to turn blue or even 'purple' in this year's midterm election.

“It was the Republican Party that set a midterm primary record, not the Democratic Party,” Dickey said.

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