Watch out what you say while house shopping

Some people selling their homes leave webcams and microphones on...and that's causing some controversy.

The High Tech Texan Michael Garfield said home technology has audio and visual capabilities.

“So many homes nowadays have smart features, their thermostats and web cam. They are able to see potential buyers walking through their homes, making comments about it,” said Garfield. “If you hear potential buyers walking through your home, you’re going to get an upper hand in the negotiation.”

Houston Association of Realtor's Kenya Burrell-Vanwormer said always use caution when entering a home, know that you could always be under surveillance.

“If you have any comments about the home, keep them to yourself, until you and your agent are able to leave the home,” said Burrell-Vanwormer. “If you like the home, keep that poker face throughout the entire time you’re touring that home, and until you leave, and when you get into the car, then you can start talking.”

She said right now, we are in a strong sellers’ market in Houston.

She said in our area, disclosure isn't required of any types of nanny cams or NEST system.

The National Association of Realtors has offered a best practices tutorial on the subject, along with a listing of what’s allowed in each state. For now, NAR suggests brokers consider hanging a sign in the home or including a note on the listing form that alerts visiting brokers that there is a surveillance device.

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