Self employed people happier

A study published in Work, Employment and Society journal found even with long hours and greater uncertainty, people who work for themselves are happier.

Luna Eisenla Media co-owner Brad Luna said since the creation of the Blackberry, he hasn't been disconnected from work anyways, at least now, it's for himself.

“Is there uncertainty and worry that comes along with being an entrepreneur? Sure. But, the freedom to shape your career and the life you like, is beyond parallel,” said Luna. “There is no guidebook. Trust your own gut instinct. And, that can be scary at times. It also fosters a level of creativity and self-motivation.”

It was found that those who work from home put in more hours than if they were in the office, and are more likely to go above and beyond what is required.

Luna said working out of a home office, he's the most productive he's ever been.

“I’m able to concentrate to be able to focus on the work that I need to get done, and then able to take the breaks that I need to take to make sure that my personal life stresses are also take care of,” said Luna.

He said the flexibility is immeasurable because he’s able to integrate life (doctors appointments or household chores) into career has helped him with satisfaction and productivity.

Even with the myriad of issues facing small business owners, women entrepreneurs cite a high-level of satisfaction and happiness with starting their own business. More than 85% of those women said they were satisfied with their life as a small business owner. The study found non-managerial company workers were the least satisfied and engaged.

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