Licenses may go digital, which could cause privacy problems

It’s a sign of the times. Some states are moving closer to having digital driver’s licenses, and that presents some privacy issues we will have to deal with.

These digital licenses will allow police to ping your smart phone. Internet attorney Travis Crabtree told KTRH he can foresee some issues with this.

“It seems like this technology would allow police to check your ID, without you knowing, almost anywhere,” Crabtree stated.

Delaware is the latest state to take a look at testing these digital licenses. Texas passed a law in 2015 to authorize DPS to study this issue. So will we get digital licenses in the Lone Star State?

“You’ve got conflicting issues here. You have strong support for police, but at the same time there is that overreach by the government,” Crabtree explained.

DPS concluded the best way to attack the issue was with a phased approach to prepare their infrastructure for the shift. But a bill that would have used Cameron County as a test spot didn't get any traction in Austin last year.

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