Commutes cause stress

As you return to work from a weekend off or your spring vacation, you will have to deal with reality this morning; the Houston traffic. And it could play havoc with your health.

We know how bad the traffic is here. It’s bad; it's stressful, so much so that therapist Mary Jo Rapini told KTRH she hears people complain about it constantly.

“I hear it all the time; we have people driving in to us from The Woodlands, from Pearland and even Dickinson,” Rapini explained, adding that she moved closer to her office so that she can avoid the traffic problems.

So how should you be coping with this stress? Because you know you don't want it to hurt your health.

“Don’t get on the phone. And don’t turn on the radio unless it’s calming music. That will really help” Rapini stated.

And Rapini says you should plan ahead if you can, and if you're still late, hopefully, your boss will understand.

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