Texas teachers, parents flock to firearms training

It's been a month since the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida and more women, teachers and parents are getting their firearms training.

Shiloh Shooting Range General Manager Jeffrey Stanford said they're doing a lot of one-on-one training, as well as group training for businesses whose employees have their concealed carry license.

“Over the last month we’ve seen an increase in just about everything from gun and ammo sales to people that are really empowering themselves by coming in and getting training on firearms. We’ve also seen a dramatic increase in the license to carry classes. They’ve gone up probably 35 percent to 40 percent,” said Stanford. “It’s your right to self-defense. Get your license to carry. Learn how to use your gun. Train with your gun and carry it everywhere you go. You and you alone are responsible for your personal safety.”

He said it’s not only the news and recent tragedies that have encouraged folks to get firearm training, more people want to protect their second amendment right.

He added many people who have been victims of crimes recently in the Houston area are also showing up to train and get empowered.

Breitbarts reports more Texas school districts are training their teachers.

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