Houston Municipal Courts Amnesty Ending

The Houston Municipal Courts' amnesty program is coming to an end Friday night.  The program was meant to help ease the burden felt by those still reeling from Harvey.

“We really are trying to stress the fact you won't be arrested,” says Presiding Judge J. Elaine Marshall.  “You're trying to rebuild, let us at least take this burden off of you.  Come in, bring your information, bring your money and we'll come in and work with you on trying to get these tickets resolved.”

Anyone with an outstanding ticket or failure to appear warrant is urged to call the city's 3-1-1 hotline, go the municipal court website or come into the courthouse by midnight to get the matter resolved.

“We handle all Class C violations which include all traffic, all building and all health violations,” says Marshall.  “If you miss them we will issue a warrant for your arrest, so those are the type of cases we're trying to get you to come in and handle so you don't have to fear being pulled over.”

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