Free speech continues to disappear on college campuses

Colleges used to be a place where free speech was encouraged. Now? Not so much.

Gallup's latest numbers say 61% of college students say the climate on campus deters people from expressing their views. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says the colleges that encourage conservatism are few and far between.

“We have a few colleges on the right that are more reasonable including Texas A&M,” Mackowiak stated.

Liberals always said they were the champions of free speech, but reality is that they support that as long as you agree with them.

“The left is very good at assigning pejorative terms to anyone they disagree with. Think about what terms they use to describe Republicans,” Mackowiak explained.

And that 61% we mentioned a moments ago? That is up from 54% the last time Gallup put out this kind of poll, just two years ago.

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