Texas is not a low Tax State

For a state with no income tax you might be surprised to hear Texas is only middle of the pack when it comes to taxation. WalletHub says the state makes up the difference with larger fees on other stuff.

WalletHub's Jill Gonzalez says Texas ranks just 28th in overall taxes.

"Some Texans might find that a little bit surprising; I know people who don't live in Texas are certainly finding that surprising."

For example Gonzalez says Texas is one of the worst when it comes to real estate taxes.

"We're seeing that Texas really does make up for a large piece of the pie, mostly in sales and excise taxes, that's one of the higher numbers here, along with the real estate tax rate."

In WalletHub's "2018 Taxpayer Survey" Gonzalez says more than two thirds of respondents think the tax reform measure passed in December is better for corporations than consumers.

90% of respondents say government does not spend their tax dollars wisely.

On a lighter note, she says respondents were asked about things they like more than the IRS.

"In-laws, cold showers, traffic jams, snakes, spiders and even North Korea."

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