Democrats Are Not Your Friend

Some people are taking the results of the 2016 election harder than others.

Public Religion Research Institute asked more than 1,000 adults about their experiences on social media, finding that your results may depend on which political party you identify with.

“Democrats, more than Republicans after the election, were much more likely to block or unfriend or stop following someone of a different political persuasion on a social networking site than Republicans,” says the group’s Research Director Daniel Cox.

Democrats were three times as likely to unfriend someone as Republicans, and that is most especially apparent when you look at women.  Democratic women were 30% more likely to block unrepentant Trump supporters than the 10% of Republican women, compared to 14% of Democratic men vs. 8% of Republican men.

“In this political environment, Democratic women are really unique.  There is no political group that dislikes Trump more.  If Democrats perform well in the midterms, it’s going to be largely powered by Democratic women,” says Cox.

Only 9% of independents felt compelled to thin the herd of their friendships.

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