Is Politics ruining Sports?

Once upon a time, you probably didn't know what sports stars thought about current events. But now, with social media and a 24-7 sports news cycle we know way too much about jocks' opinions on the issues of the day.

Sportstalk 790's Matt Thomas concedes a lot of his colleagues are looking for dirt.

"You know 25; 30 years ago all we cared about were the Xs and Os, the wins and the losses; now we spend as much time in sports media trying to get a quote after the game."

Thomas says maybe we should stop asking athletes about politics.

"If no one ever asked these athletes their opinions on things my guess is it would never be talked about or very rarely talked about."

Thomas says he expects football to remain the number one sport, even if the National Anthem protests continue.

"If, indeed, ten percent of the audience is gone from a year ago does that mean ten percent is going go the next year, the next year, the next year? I don't believe that to be the case; I think football is going to remain the most popular sport in America."

Thomas says at some point we'll either stop listening to jocks who protest or the jocks themselves will move on.

Reportedly, ABC cancelled an episode of the show 'Blackish' because its discussion of the anthem protests was too hot for Prime Time.

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