Gen Z watering down religion

The generation after millennials—Gen Z, those born after 2000—are reported to be the least Christian. A new Barna study found that 34 percent of Gen Z’s religious affiliation is either atheist, agnostic or none. The Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights President and CEO Bill Donohue said this cycle needs to be broken...and adults need to be more engaged in kid's learning.

“And a young person growing up in this society, needs a moral anchor. And, if that’s not coming from the parents and their religious leaders, their clergy, they’re not going to get it. They’re not going to get it through the popular culture, which is what overwhelms them,” said Donohue.

He says society is secular. Basically everything on television contradicts Christian teachings. In schools, there's a heavy dose of moral relativism.

“Christianity does hold the truths. And, if we’re afraid to say it, which is what the problem is that we’re allowing these young kids, because the parents are afraid to talk about truth,” said Donohue.

The research shows:

“Gen Z has been discipled by their smart phones, taught sex-ed by Google, and conditioned to assume that just because they believe something makes it true."

34 percent agree that lying is morally wrong;

24 percent say what is morally right and wrong changes over time based on society, and

58 percent agree that “Many religions can lead to eternal life; there is no ‘one true religion.”

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