Some Spring Breakers are helping others, rather than partying

Last week, this week and next week, hundreds of college students from across the country on Spring Break, hosted by SBTC Disaster Relief, are in neighborhoods near Spring Baptist Church, helping in Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

Send Relief's Director of Next Generation Mobilization Steve Turner said they were here for Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break.

“We’re doing the same right now in Puerto Rico, with an equal number of students, and also in South Florida. We have multiple hundreds of students in multiple locations, every week of the Spring Break Season,” said Turner.

College rebuilding crews will be back in May and over the summer.

Turner said they knew rebuilding would be a long-term event after seeing the scope of the damage after Harvey. While at the end of the work day, the students might be tired...

“But really excited to see God use them to help bring help, bring hope, bring relief…to really experience what it looks like to love your neighbor,” said Turner.

Teams will be working to rebuild churches and homes.

Most of the homes have been gutted and just waiting for help to be rebuilt, put up drywall.

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