Retirees Become Workampers

Golden years may become Hard Work Years for workers who can’t afford to retire. Some become Workampers. They live in RVx and travel around the country for Seasonal Work.  Why does this happen?

Dan Weber of Association of Mature American Citizens has an idea. “Two thirds of Americans over 65 are living on only their social security check. You can’t live on that.”

Company Programs like AMAZON'S CAMPER FORCE  enlist seniors to work temporarily in their warehouses while living in RV PARKS.  The workampers are glad to have the work, even if it involves walking 15 miles a day on concrete.

It's great for the company, but the $11.75 an hour jobs can be physically demanding and there are other problems says Weber ,  “Healthcare can hurt  these working Nomads. At home you have a doctor that knows you, a hospital you’re familiar with.  But these people are traveling all the time and can really be hurt by healthcare.”

Workampers say they do enjoy meeting like-minded couples. Many plan their next jobs with friends and travel caravan-style to the next location.

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