POLL: Office fashion, Tattoos v. ties

A poll has found that more people are getting tattoos…and they’re being more accepted in the workplace than ever before—and adverse to wearing ties.

It’s reported that 47% of millennials had a tattoo; followed by 36% of gen Xers and 13% of baby boomers.

Houston Tattoo Arts Convention organizer Troy Timpel said they’ll be here in May for the first time, in a long while; and that tattoos are gaining popularity.

“You were a little more gritty to get tattooed in the 70s. You were military, you were criminal, you were biker. It was a counter-cultural thing. Whereas now it’s become a mainstream cultural thing to have tattoos,” said Timpel.

He said about 10 years ago, the public began to embrace it as an art form and increased the caliber of work to an art form.

“The quality of tattoos has increased. It’s embraced even to a modern contemporary art aesthetic that has really changed the public’s perception tattooing as a medium and the people wearing them,” said Timpel.

More people are also ok with teachers, coaches, pediatricians, judges, and even presidential candidates with visible.

The Wall Street Journal reported that more workers are getting their company logo tattooed on them. And, if you stop working there?

It would be like having your ex’s name…either cover it up or have it removed.

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