Do kids protesting gun rights have a full grasp on the issue?

Ever since the school shooting last month in Parkland, Florida, the children who survived have been very vocal in calling for more gun control.

These kids have been all over the cable news networks for weeks. So, the question is two-fold. Do the kids really have an understanding of the issues they are talking about? Don Hooper with the Houston Conservative Forum says no.

“They don’t have the bigger picture of all that goes on. Kids can focus on one thing at a time,” Hooper stated.

And the other question is whether these kids are being used by the left and the mainstream media. Hooper tells KTRH the answer to that one is yes.

“They are not experienced in the ways of politics. It’s a shock these kids would be used in such a way,” Hooper said.

And because they are being used that way by the left they are being brought into the gun control debate; one that they do not understand completely.

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