Did Texas School Districts get involved in politics?

Educators are supposed to stay out of politics. That’s what they are supposed to do. But a handful of Texas school districts have been acting very differently.

Three of them have been accused of political advocacy, and according to reports emails have been uncovered encouraging staff to switch parties and influence last week's Republican primary. State Senator Paul Bettencourt tells KTRH this is shocking.

“There was documented evidence of the superintendent actually supporting and endorsing and using specific candidate endorsement language in the primary,” Bettencourt said.

And while two of the three districts are back in compliance, one; the Lewisville ISD, is not. Bettencourt says this could have consequences down the road.

“We are going to review all of this and take a look at the law, because if we need to draw a line in the sand then we are going to pass that legislation or I am going to do everything to pass it in the next legislative session,” Bettencourt explained.

The next legislative session is scheduled to take place next year.

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