Will Republicans vote in November if Trump isn’t running?

The base is dedicated to President Donald Trump. But he is not on the ballot in this midterm campaign, and some think that could wind up being a big problem for the political right.

The theory is that since Trump isn't running in November, those that supported him won't come out and vote. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says that might be a factor in some places, but not here in Texas.

“We were concerned about that. But we had 1.5 million Republicans vote in our primary and only a million Democrats vote,” Armstrong explained.

So what would motivate Republicans to vote despite the lack of a Trump campaign in 2018? Armstrong says it's three words; Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“That’s going to highly motivate those folks to get out and support this President by re-electing this Congress,” Armstrong stated.

A Congress that Armstrong says did succeed in passing tax reform that is putting more money into your pockets.

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