Taking leave for our furry children

More employers are starting to pick up on “Pawternity” leave—the workplace benefits trend for pet owners who need bereavement time, or a chance to bond with a new addition.

With the unemployment rate at the lowest level in two decades, many companies are pulling out all the stops when it comes to employee perks.

Workplace Culture Expert Pamela Gail Johnson said it's a perk that can recruit and retain employees.

“It helps morale and it’s one of those things that makes them feel like their employer cares and that’s a big important engagement measuring stick for any pet owner,” said Johnson.

She said employees probably won’t be at their peak performance if they’re required to work when their pet has just died.

“They are starting to offer some bereavement time for pet losses. And, then the other type is when they give you a couple of days when you actually acquire a new pet, so you can spend a little time bonding with your new furry friend,” said Johnson. “

From free food for lunch and dinner to oil changes and car washes, companies are going above and beyond to attract and keep the best and brightest.

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