Study Finds No Benefit to Prostate Screening

A major study out of the UK finds screening for prostate cancer may actually do more harm than good.

The Oxford and Bristol study focused on the prostate specific antigen test -- or PSA blood test – a procedure the American Cancer Society stopped recommending because the interpretation of the test was fraught with error.

“What was happening was the PSAs were elevated and that was triggering prostate biopsies, potential complications, the cost of it and not finding any prostate cancer,” says Dr. Joe Galati, host of the “Your Health First” radio program.

Dr. Galati says its important men and their doctors have an open dialogue.

“Look at your family risk factor.  Look at your personal risk factor,” he says.  “If you have unirary symptoms, pain or things like that, you need to be looked at a little bit more closely rather than just relying on the PSA.”

He says if anything, the study has only muddied the waters about PSA tests.

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