POLL: Going Without a Cell Phone

Fox News commentator Kathy Barnette shared her story about giving up her cell phone for six days.

That’s not something many people can even comprehend considering.

After watching a 15-year-old on vacation, never looking up from her phone to smell the roses, the mom of two decided to try living an unplugged style and made a weeklong commitment.

She says one adjustment is getting reacquainted with old habits that we’ve replaced with the modern technology our phones offer.  Things like setting a clock, and an alarm for the morning.

Monitoring all screen time became a priority and using it efficiently became a necessity.

The upside – she actually had real conversations with her kids.  Barnette says she was able to catch up with all the nuanced details of her son’s life.

KTRH News did a random, unscientific poll of Houstonians, asking what it would take to give up their cell phones for six days.  We didn’t find many takers.  Some people want money, or sex, or mostly vacations during which communications are neither wanted nor required, but by and large, not too many people are willing to give up their phones.

In the past, polls have found a large percentage of millennials would rather give up their cars than their phones, and another survey finds one in three Americans would give up sex if it meant they could keep their phones.

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