Fitness experts concerned ‘Fat Acceptance’ has negative consequences

There is a trend that health and fitness experts are concerned about. The ‘Fat Acceptance’ movement may be leading some people to stop taking care of their health.

According to a study 6% fewer people who say they are overweight actively tried to get healthier in 2014 as opposed to 1998. Mark Wanish runs boot camps in Texas and tells KTRH it's one thing to be happy with who you are, but that you should also strive for good health.

“Everyone should be focused on how they can be comfortable in their own skin while at the same time being the healthiest and best version of myself,” Wanish said.

And he says that while he understands the message of the fat acceptance movement, it has negative consequences down the road for people that give up exercise.

“The as long as your happy movement is dangerous not even just in health and in fitness, but with health and fitness probably more than anything else because it’s your life on the line,” Wanish explained.

But the mainstream media doesn't see it that way. You see more plus sized models on commercials. And Sports Illustrated has featured plus sized model Ashley Graham in its swimsuit issue.

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