Roomba might be doing more than cleaning

The updated iRobot has a camera, like little eyes, to captures images of a room and builds a map of its surroundings. If you use the WiFi-connected model, which connects to Alexa, that blueprint of your home could eventually be shared.

Cybersecurity attorney Shawn Tuma said people need to remember, the Roomba is a computer that collects, stores and transmits data.

“And that data is, in terms of dimensions, location data about your home, or audio, if it has audio capability, as well as video,” said Tuma.

He said we need to educate ourselves and be proactive to protect our privacy and we can often control what we put out there in cyberspace.

“If you don’t want video of your home, shut off the feature, put a piece of tape over it. If you’re considered about audio, understand that you can’t use your Alexa to control it, turn off the audio features,” said Tuma.

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