‘Rational’ Republicans rising up

In case you thought for a minute that all Republicans were united as one big happy family, that isn’t the case. In fact some believe that ‘rational Republicans are now fighting back.

The first question you might have is what exactly is a rational Republican?

“It’s what you might imagine a Republican might be in the future when race and cultural issues have become much less of a focus in the party,” explained Chris Ladd at Forbes.

Forbes goes further, and says it's a Republican that has watched as the Tea Party got stronger while centrists sat on their hands. He says those Republicans are starting to make themselves heard.

“They are finally learning to fight, get angry and use some of the tactics that have been successful from the extreme wing,” Ladd told KTRH News.

Ladd says there are candidates from the center that are challenging more conservative Republicans in political races this year. But Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says that won't fly here, and it didn’t fly here in this week’s primary when Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick all beat more moderate Republicans in their primaries.

“Primary voters in Texas are general conservative. Of course, there are some exceptions,” Polland stated.

Adding that the term rational Republicans' is just another term the mainstream media can use against the right.

“Maybe they even created it so they can talk about more divisions in the party,” Polland said.

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