News Outlets Continue Negativity Against Trump

Both network and cable news continue to run an overwhelming number of negative stories about the Trump administration, following the same pattern of a year ago.

The Media Research Center found ten times more negative comments about the president on the evening news than positive stories during the first two months of 2018.

“It has consistently been nine out of ten stories about Donald Trump have been negative on the network news, every few months we do an update to the study and it always comes out the same, it is remarkable,” says Kyle Drennen, senior news analyst at the MRC.

Russia continues to dominate all other topics when it comes to Trump.

“They are obsessed with the story, they are convinced that any day now Trump and all of his inner circle will be proven guilty of colluding with Russia and stealing the 2016 campaign, they are just an endless drum beat on this story,” says Drennen.

More recently, cable news networks went bonkers with former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg.  CNN spent 230 minutes of its total news coverage on Nunberg, and only 83 minutes on other news stories.

“A lot of people were questioning his credibility,” says Drennen.  “You have CNN suggeting is seem he may have been drinking, yet they still obsessed over him and everything he was saying.”

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